Cyteen by C.J. Cherryh

Cyteen by C.J. Cherryh

1988 Warner Books book club edition in good shape. Obviously read, some wear on the dust jacket extremeties.  Omnibus edition that includes Cyteen 1-3.  Cover art by Don Maitz. 

Hugo Award for Best Novel (1989), Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1989)


Fans of hard science fiction will love this. 853 pages! This is a long, complex novel, but worth the work. - Lena


The innermost nature of the human mind and heart becomes the key to an epic struggle for power...and a riveting story of politics and passions, manipulation and love, destiny and individual courage. Set in the universe of Hugo Award-winning Downbelow Station, science ficiton master C.J. Cherryh again brings us a wonderfully detailed world...and her most challenging and mature work to date. 


Cyteen is the story of Ariane Emory: brilliant, corrupt, a genius in genetics psychology, and blackmail. She dominates the Council of Nine, as head of the Expansionist Party of the Multiworld Union, and is despot of the territory Reseune, where her laboratories create the one product essential to Cyteen: people. They are the "azi," human workers and soldiers artificially grown compuuter trained, and owned by Reseune, and hence Ariane Emory. After one hundred and twenty years of life and fifty years of rule, Emory is murdered, but not for long...


Cyteen is the story of the Project: the plan to replicate Ariane Emory. Creating a genetic double is routine for Reseune's bio-technology, but nature is not nurture, and clones are still human beings. For the Project to succeed, Emory's followers have to subject the clone to every formative influence in the tyrant's life, keep her innocence of history, protect her from Emory's enemies, and oppress or silence anyone who might even accidentally disrupt the program. 


Cyteen is also the story of Ari: a little girl driven to solve a mystery she can sense, but not define. A child thrown into a storm of global upheaval when her creation is made public, she inherits a stranger's face and past, enemies and victims. She must wield her predecessor's power to save herself, even from people she loves. And to survive, she must find out if she's a puppet crafted by a dead megalomaniac -- or the one person who can defuse a socio-genetic time bom threatening to destroy her planet. For only Ariane Emory can save Cyteen...



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