Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of the Shadow Valley by Lord Dunsay

Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of the Shadow Valley by Lord Dunsay

First published in 1922, this 1971 Ballantine edition has a beautiful cover and would make a great addtion to any collection. In very good shape with some natural aging and light shelf-wear. Readable copy with intact spine. 


Lord Dunsany's first novel, Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley, "conveys its young disinherited protagonist through a fantasized Spain, gifting him with a Sancho Panza companion, good luck with magicians, and a castle." [The Encyclopedia of Fantasy] It is a landmark tale for Dunsany, beginning his move from the otherworldly short stories for which his reputation is justly famous to novels, such as the follow-up The King of Elfland's Daughter and The Charwoman's Shadow. L. Sprague de Camp has said: "Dunsany was the second writer (William Morris in the 1880s being the first) fully to exploit the possibilities of . . . adventurous fantasy laid in imaginary lands, with gods, witches, spirits, and magic, like children."

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