Voorloper: An Illustrated SF Adventure by Andre Norton

Voorloper: An Illustrated SF Adventure by Andre Norton

1980 Nelson Doubleday book club edition. Some dings on the dust jacket, but otherwise looks unread. Cover and illustrations by Alicia Austin. 


No one knew of Voor's menace until fifty years after the first ship landed. Even then, it was only a handful f outpost villages that were hit -- twenty or so deaths in each case. And there were plenty of logical reasons, if one chose to believe them: bad water...contaminated food...attacks by previously unknown native predators... Yet none of those explanations held up after the Shadow Death struck Mungo's Town. Logic could not explain away 220 awful deathss. 


My mother died at Mungo, and my father and I took up the oly life a wise man followed on Voor. We became lopers -- wandering, learning, seeking out the places where the Shadow Death had left its mark...determined to stop the horror or be taken by it!

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